I Was So Desperate


“I spoke with Francoise twice over the phone. First time we spoke for almost 45 minutes and the second time for 15 minutes. Free of charge. Thank you so much, Francoise, for this. I was so so desperate. When I talked with her I told her about my situation and my family’s situation. She asked me about my address, about the date when we moved in the apartment, about my family’s dates of birth… When she checked the address and the position of the building she advised me to move out from this building as soon as possible. The building doesn’t have a good energy because of the position of the swimming pool and of the shape of the building. […] Omg. My husband doesn’t believe in Feng Shui, he thinks that I am crazy :))) but in same time he is wondering why it happens to us so many strange things :)) […] I can tell you that Francoise opened my eyes about Feng Shui. She told me how to clean my house from bad energy and to write down what I am grateful for every day. If you see that is something wrong in your life, like having problems with money, with relationship, with kids, with health, with finding a good job, or losing a car, or something else, my advice for you is to call Francoise. She can help you a lot. You can’t imagine how big help I received from her, free of charge. Thank you so much, Francoise! You are amazing! I will give you later an update about my situation. I am looking for a new apartment and a new beginning for me and my family. By changing our ENERGY, we can change our entire LIFE.”

Mary T.
Hollywood, California

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Honorary Doctorate in Oriental Learning

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